Puppy Needs Home

A stray puppy was running around the neighborhood for a couple of days. I grabbed her Tuesday when she was following an electrician down the street. None of the neighbors claim her.

She's a German Shepherd, very friendly and playful. Gets along with people and other dogs. About 8-10 weeks, and around 18 pounds so she'll get big - wouldn't be surprised if she got to be 100 lbs.

She doesn't know her boundaries yet, and while she is starting to get the idea of it, definitely isn't housebroken. She will come when called (usually), and understands no (though she'll probably still try again) and is already learning "sit." She needs someone patient but firm and consistent, and this will be one incredible dog. I was sooooo tempted to keep her, but can't really do that right now.

This little girl needs a home.