Movie Character Careers

I've noticed that there are certain professions or callings that are over-represented in film. For example - there are far more architects in the movies, as a percentage, than there are in real life.

This is just a list, for my own benefit - because I know that I am attracted more to certain of these as well, and it would be helpful to consider more characters who work in other areas.

Directors, Producers
Agents (for actors, musicians, writers)
Journalists and Writers (especially struggling poets and novelists)
Secret Agents/Spies
Assassins/Hit Men/Vampire or Monster Hunters/Bounty Hunters
Kings, Knights
Icy or Evil Queens, Lonely Princesses
High School Students
Psychologists/Psychiatrists (usually supporting)
Bartenders (usually minor characters)
Experimental Scientists
Damaged Veterans
Police Officers/Guards
TV or Radio Talk Show Hosts
CEOs/Vice Presidents of multi-billion dollar companies
Lawyers/Heads of Law Firms
Drug Dealers

Now, here are some links about careers and statistics:
Bureau of Labor Statistics
here's a list of occupations from the same source
and here is a .pdf of occupational shares
Fastsest Growing Jobs AZ
(A surprising number of medical professions there - but nicely specific ones, nto just your usual surgeon or GP)
America's Most Admired Professions - from Forbes
Interestingly actors are among the least prestigious/admired though not as low as business executives, stockbrokers and real estate agents. Many of the careers in my list are among the top: Firefighter, Doctor, Nurse, Scientist, Teacher are the top 5. Celebrities, Lawyers, and Accountants have fallen in popularity, while Military Officers and Farmers have risen.

EDIT: One more - I e-mailed the BLS and asked where to find a list of the most common occupation across all fields - and they pointed me here. They are downloadable excel files, and the the first link, 'National Cross-Industry Estimates' is the one I wanted. Column D lists total employment, so you just have to sort by that column.

Pretty cool stuff.