Oscar Trends

Stumbled on this site today:

A fascinating breakdown of the nominations and winners for the major awards. Looks like your best chance of getting nominated for a Best Actress award is to play a mute hooker with one leg.

Most of the films that have won Best Picture have been adaptations.

Cool stuff.

Sex Toys!

Many people, even in the state of Texas, may not have realized that sex toys were illegal to sell in this state. Sure, they were sold at stores like Condom Sense, but technically they were presented as "novelties" or "educational" or (my personal favorite) cake toppers.

It was legal to own them, but owning more than 6 automatically put you in violation of the law. Apparently no one buys that many for their own use, so if you have 7 then you must be intending to promote their use and sale.

However, this law has now been overturned.

So we can buy and sell Dildos, Vibrators, Butt Plugs and more, with no fear of prosecution.