I love the refinements that Netflix has made to their suggestion system. If you haven't gone through the entire questionnaire, I recommend you do. It made me think about my interests in ways I had not. For instance, I'm interested in movies with a father-daughter theme, but not a father-son theme. Logical, I suppose, but not something I'd been conscious of.

The Sub-sub-categories it now comes up with for recommendations are also illuminating, and have me thinking about my taste in terms of my writing as well:
Visually-striking Suspenseful Psychological Movies
Dark Dramas with a Strong Female Lead
Critically-acclaimed Cerebral Movies from the 1930s
Scary Foreign Thrillers

It's been interesting seeing what comes up, but also seeing adjectives like "dark" or "gritty" or "scary" applied to categories I hadn't thought of attaching it to. Scary thrillers as opposed to horror, for example. I do love scary thrillers, perhaps better than horror. I also like horror films that have a thriller element, the anticipation and the chase. I don't care for the cheesy gore-fest that the genre seems to have been pigeon-holed in.

It's got me turning the kaleidoscope on some of my writing a little bit, twisting the colors and playing with how it looks.

Re- re- re- re

I just wanna say:
A redux is a remake.
So is a reboot.
There is no difference.
If they had to get the rights to the previous film, if the story and characters are basically the same, it's a remake. The other terms are just marketing. Don't be fooled into thinking they are any different. Some may be more well done than others, but they are all remakes. Just like Midol is the same exact drug as Advil is the exact same drug as generic Ibuprophen - a reboot is a redux is a remake.

A Rebound, on the other hand, well, that's a different thing altogether.