I love the way bare trees look when their branches are encased with a layer of ice, especially when the sun hits them and the melting ice refracts the light in little rainbow sparkles. The fact that it's dangerous just enhances the beauty.

Took me over 2 hours to drive to work on the icy roads. (My usual commute is 45 minutes.) I didn't mind, as driving on ice is fun - as long as you remain focused. It's the other drivers who are a potential problem.

Orange-glazed scallops with ginger and scallions... I've been trying to think of a good orange-glazed scallop recipe that didn't need to be spicy but would still have enough contrast with the sweetness of the citrus. (My sister can't tolerate hot spices. She gets blisters.) That would work.

Do I keep writing pages for the Co-write contest, or do I work on developing my own first ten pages that I created with that contest in mind? Or both, if I can manage it. The two stories may evolve from the same logline, but the opening they chose will take that script in very different directions than mine is going.

Here's my answer to the stupid High-Fructose Corn Syrup ads:
HCFS suppress the chemicals that tell us we're full, leading to gorging
Products made with HCFS likely to contain Mercury
and the FDA knew about it, and did nothing

Obama needs to invest in trains.
Trains can reduce vehicle emissions, reduce traffic, reduce the stress on roadways, increase the ability of workers to travel for work, develop new technologies, and employ large numbers of people.
Bush severely cut funding for the commuter train system, but increasing it could help address a number of problems.
Seriously - we really should have more trains.