I've had a lot of pain recently in one of my shoulders, and I've had carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. This is from doing deep tissue massage. I've cut back my hours, but when I started I went from 3-4 massages a month to 36 a week, and it was way too much. I'm down to an average of about 28, and that would be perfect - but I need to take time off to heal...just can't afford it.

Anyway, I'm doing what I can with ice and massage...but one impact it has is that typing hurts. I can get about one sentence out before my hands start falling asleep or throbbing, and I have to pause. Silly me, I was doing it anyway - just making very slow progress.

I realized this week that spending all this time on my computer writing was hindering my healing.

So, not much blogging, not many comments on my favorite blogs, and no progress on my screenplay. Indefinitely.

I'll be back. (And I'm still out there, reading, just avoiding typing )